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AeroBed Air Mattresses

What comes to mind when you think of an air mattress? If you are like most people, you either think of sleeping on a thin mattress close to the floor or on a blow up cot on a camping trip. If this is your limited vision of the air mattress, then it is time to be introduced to the AeroBed air mattress.

While this brand does make more basic mattresses and active mattresses which are great for camping trips or spending the night on a friend’s living room floor, they also make more luxurious air beds that are raised up higher or that have the same feel as sleeping in a regular innerspring mattress.

Many people are now using an AeroBed air bed in their guest rooms, or just keeping one on hand to blow up in a spare room in case someone pops in for a visit. The great news is they are no longer uncomfortable, hard strips of plastic that cause your guests to toss and turn all night. They are made extremely comfortable while still blowing up and deflating in less than a minute.

The AeroBed Original line is a collection of mattresses that have the feel of sleeping on a real mattress. They are great for your spare bedroom or just to blow up on a moment’s notice whenever needed. Think of the cost of purchasing a regular bed to fill up a guest or spare room and you will realize how much money can be saved by going with an air bed.

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The AeroBed Active mattress line is a collection of air beds that are the same thickness as any other mattress, making them suitable to sit in the place of a regular mattress without being detected as an air mattress. Then there is the AeroBed Xtreme, which is perfect for nature enthusiasts who need a high quality air mattress that will keep up with their active lifestyle.

One other perk of putting an air mattress in your spare room is that it can be taken down and put up as needed, so you can use the room for other things when guests are not staying with you. If you want to seriously considering an air mattress, first take the time to go through mattress ratings to see specific features of different AeroBeds. This will give you a good idea of what is being offered and which one best meets your needs.

There is a wide price range when it comes to purchasing an AeroBed air mattress. Whatever your purpose may be for buying one, there is one in your price range.